How to Prepare Food in a Healthy and Safe Way

It is vital to keep both health and safety in mind when you prepare food. No matter how delicious the dish might be, your efforts mean nothing if it is unhygienic or inedible. This is especially essential when trying new things, such as making CBD gummies. Of course, among other things, it is crucial to preserve the nutrients present in the food. You can do this by following these guidelines:

Food Nutrition Guidelines

Prepare the meal using healthy methods

As much as possible, you should only boil, roast, steam, or grill your food. This means you should avoid frying and deep-frying whenever you can. Both of these methods involve adding fat to reach the desired outcome, which can be harmful to your health.

Preserve water-soluble vitamins

This can be done by cooking food in just a tiny amount of water in the shortest time possible. By doing this, you can ensure that Vitamins B and C will not be destroyed during the cooking process.

Add different spices and herbs

Salt is not the only thing you can add for extra taste. In fact, it’s better if you try different herbs and spices when you need to spice up a dish. Doing so is an excellent way to boost the flavor and nutrition of your meal.

Avoid processed and pre-packaged food

This is essential because there is a good chance these products have a lot of salt, sugar, and fats. Moreover, they don’t have enough of the nutrients and phytochemicals we need. Aside from this, it’s generally a bad idea to eat something when you do not know where it came from.

Food Safety Guidelines

It would be best not to assume that foodborne illnesses only come from restaurants and eateries. In reality, they could also transpire in our own homes!

So, keep yourself and your loved ones safe by following these tips:

Wash hands and wipe surfaces

Don’t forget to wash your hands both before and after handling food and utensils. Moreover, it’s best to use hot, soapy water to wipe surfaces.

Separate cooked, ready-to-eat, and raw food

You can prevent cross-contamination by separating these types of food items. If possible, you should also carefully wash the chopping board with soap before using it for something else.

Use a thermometer for cooking food at a safe temperature

Using a thermometer will ensure that your animal products are adequately cooked. After all, when undercooked or uncooked, these animal products can be unsafe for human consumption.

Wash fruits and vegetables

It would be best if you also practiced washing your fresh items before you consume or cook them. Doing this will ensure that they are clean and ready to be served or prepared.

Throw it out when in doubt

Are you unsure whether a specific dish has been prepared, stored, or served adequately? If so, it might be best just to throw it out.

In fact, doing this to food that has been left out for over two hours is highly recommended. Likewise, any cooked leftovers should be consumed within four days.


Overall, food is meant to nourish us. When mishandled, however, we might contract foodborne illnesses. With that said, these tips and guidelines should help you eat clean and stay healthy at the same time.

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