An Easy Guide to Cook Scallops

Achieving perfectly cooked scallops is not always easy, even for trained cooks. But, it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to be done. Let us show you the easy ways to perfectly cook scallops, just like the ones you see in fancy restaurants.

Here, you will only need 15 minutes of your time, a pan, and, most importantly, your scallops. Follow the steps below and see how easy to do it is.

Dry and season the scallops

Line them one by one on a paper towel, then pat them on top with another paper towel. Before you start seasoning, let them air dry for 10 minutes.

Once you are sure that you don’t feel any extra moisture on their surface, you can season them with the classic salt and pepper.

Sear the scallops

Pick up your pan, pour a little bit of olive oil into it, and heat the oil. Then, when the oil is shimmering, place the scallops on the pan and let them sit until they are cooked on every side. To make it even better, you can baste them with butter and aromatics. Once you think they’ve turned golden brown, pick them up and serve them on a plate.

As you can see, preparing perfectly cooked scallops is not supposed to be complicated. You only need to dry, season, and sear them. Next time you have scallops in your inventory, just follow the steps above.

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