Easy Homemade Dumpling Recipe Ideas

The temperature in your place drops and you need something to fill your stomach? We have an easy solution for you. Just go for warm homemade dumplings. They are simple to cook and can be made with easy-to-find ingredients.

Pork Dumplings

This dumpling choice will always be delicious even if you don’t make your own wrappers. With chopped pork filling that is combined with fresh cilantro, kale, and ginger, these dumplings never fail to be a bomb.

Pork Wontons

Top these dumplings with roasted sesame-based sauce and add an extra whipped egg into the filling and you can feel a great combination of creaminess and roasted nutty flavor inside your mouth.

Butter Mandu

Originating from a region bordering China, this dumpling dish is packed with butter, pork, and garlic. Delightfully buttery and spicey at the same time!

Spinach and Egg Dumpling

This one is for you our vegetarian fellows. Very easy to make and healthy to eat. The secret here is to not overcook the scrambled egg so it still has the ability to bind the wrapper.

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