Celebrating the Art of Noodle Making with Hetty McKinnon

In her newest book, Hetty provides us with easy-to-make recipes so that you can improve your noodle-making skills at home. But we don’t want to talk deeply about her book here. Hetty wants to show us the tips to make her version of noodle, which has similar ingredients to the famous hand-pulled biang biang noodles but is handled in a much simpler way.

Use high-gluten flour

To improve the chewiness of your noodles, you should use high-gluten flour. All-purpose flour actually works just fine, but it will result in less chewiness.

The dough is supposed to be dry

When you make dough for noodles, you will be tempted to add more water because it looks dry and lumpy. Remember, that’s the way it is supposed to be. Adding too much water will affect your noodle’s texture.

Add more flour

Noodle dough is different is pastry dough. With noodle dough, you will need much more dough during the rolling process to make sure your noodles won’t stick to each other. Be royal with the flour because there’s no such thing as too much flour in rolling noodles.

The three tips above are just some of the things Hetty shares with us. If you want to know more about what the ingredients are and what tools Hetty uses in her noodle-making process, you should check out her recently launched book, “To Asia with Love”.

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