3 Tools That Should Not Be in Your Kitchen (and Their Alternatives)

From years of experience in the kitchen world, we have discovered that there are unnecessary tools that shouldn’t be in your kitchen in the first place. To know what they are and what are their alternatives, read below.

Wooden Spoon

Wooden spoon on the first position of the things-you-should-throw-away-form-your-kitchen list here for several reasons. It warps, it chips, and it will rot if you don’t keep it dry. Moreover, it absorbs aromas and flavors, making it difficult to completely remove unwanted odors when you clean it.

You should use a silicone spatula instead. Make sure you only get the one that is long-lasting and can endure high heat.

Box grater

Do you know the two worst things about a box grater? It consumes too much space on the kitchen drawer, and you never actually use the three other sides.

Instead of keeping your old box grater, you should get a flat cheese grater. It takes very little space on your drawer, can be used to grate other ingredients, and is very easy to clean.

Spaghetti server

We don’t understand why did they make this impractical device in the first place. This tool even fails to help you to get spaghetti out of a pot easily. All we can say is, “Don’t waste your money on this product.”

We would suggest you get a spider instead. No, not the animal one. It is the tool that you use to rinse foods. Although it was originally made for the deep frying purpose, it actually serves many other functions too such as scooping your spaghetti out of the pot.

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