Organize Your Kitchen with There 4 Brands

Having trouble keeping your kitchen looking clean and neat? Don’t be worried! With help from these brands and their functional yet nicely looking products, you will be able to achieve success in organizing your kitchen.

Open Spaces

Even though this brand is a newcomer in the industry, it starts to gain trust and popularity from the customers with its functional and chic kitchen organizing tools. Some of their popular products are drawer dividers, storage bins, and self risers. With the soft and earthy color tones, their products will totally fit in modern and minimalistic kitchens.

Yamazaki Home

Yup, you guessed it right, this brand originates from Japan, a place famous for its zen and minimalistic lifestyle. Many people know Yamazaki Home from their white-colored products, which are usually paired with a bit of bright woody accents. It’s somewhat a real-life version of minimalist-themed kitchen Instagram posts.


If you love to play with colors, then you will adore the products from this Danish-based furniture brand. HAY claimed that the brand’s mission is to provide practical, multipurpose, yet lovable products that fulfill people’s needs. HAY is not only famous for its colorful pitchers and platters but also its patterned utensil holders and pannier basket.


There’s no need to question the quality and durability of OXO’s products. We have been using their kitchen utensils and containers for a long period of time. If you are needing to find lasting and sleek food containers, then look no further. HAY has sets of see-through and space-saving food containers that come in various forms and sizes.

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